7 Best Serta Office Chairs To Try in 2020

The Serta office chair is equipped with Active Seating Technology (AST). AST is a terrific new support system that truly gives you constant movement and support by simply moving the seat and back with you as you move. It has also been shown to mimic pelvic tilting exercise, which helps reduce seat discomfort. It is designed to provide continuous lumbar support that keeps your body in an optimal working position and maximizes comfort. With all said and done, and while this is a huge bonus, you really should try before buying this baby.

The headrest is a great additional feature that will make you want to sit up straight, which will help your back even more. I’d say this feature is a more welcome addition to this cool chair, but it will take some getting used to. But if that could improve your back, I’d say why not?

So let’s do our research and help you choose the perfect Serta office chair according to your ergonomic needs.

Best Serta Office Chairs Review 2020

  1. Serta Works Office Chairs with AIR Technology

The Serta Works office chair with AIR technology is the cornerstone of the Serta table chairs. He is the elder brother of the Arlington Executive and shares many of the same qualities as the President below.

There is a huge difference in design in terms of style and color. This Serta office chair, like the Arlington Executive, features a Pivoting AIR Lumbar function along with ComfortCoils ™ cleverly placed throughout the chair.

In addition, the Works Executive Chair is ergonomic, durable and comfortable, supporting curvature of the spine and maintaining a healthy posture.

The two-tone gray design adds elegance and looks less conspicuous than the Arlington Executive. Otherwise, the chairs are very similar in almost every way.

2. Serta Works ergonomic Office Chairs Under 200$

In doing so, the Serta executive chair operates with an overview of reverse motion technology, adhering to the tradition of innovation and quality that Serta has served for over 75 years. Back in motion The Serta Premium Wellness Chair is equipped with AST (Active Seating Technology). It maintains continuous movement and provides users with a comfortable seating position.

When creating this chair, manufacturers focused more on making it comfortable and comfortable for people who are large and tall, rather than making it look exceptionally luxurious.

And they really did. The chair is ideal for tall people, and the raised headrest, body cushions and padded armrests ensure a pleasant sitting experience for extended periods of time.

A convex lower back will provide exceptional support, even for people of short stature, so even though the chair is designed for both old and tall, it doesn’t matter if the smaller people don’t like it.

The chair looks very durable and this gives us the confidence to say that it will be the perfect partner in the office for a long time to come. We have a very good impression of this chair.

3. Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

The office chair ranks third today due to its smaller size.

This office chair is truly amazing, and we loved the Back N Motion technology, which allows the center cushion and seat to recline when leaning on the chair for consistent lumbar support and maximum comfort.

In addition to lumbar support technology, it also features padded armrests that can be adjusted in height at the touch of a button.

Don’t like leather upholstered office chairs? This is not a problem, you can safely choose the fabric version of the chair!

Unfortunately, good things come at a price. Unlike its siblings, this office chair is smaller and so we can’t recommend it to taller people … But if you’re under 6 feet, you should take a look at this bad guy.

4. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow

As mentioned in the previous review, Serta makes office chairs in a wide variety of styles and colors. Meet the Serta Style Hannah I office chair, the fine fibers and all its beauty.

Sure, this isn’t the prettiest office chair we’ve seen, but it deserves a spot on this list for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is a profitable deal. Go ahead and click on the offer link above and see for yourself. Second, the Serta Microfiber Home Office Chair is surprisingly comfortable; What it lacks in style it makes up for in comfort and padding.

Generally speaking, this is not our first choice. However, if you are short on money and still want a durable Serta office chair, this might be the right choice for you.

These are the best features of the Serta microfiber executive chair:

  • Equipped with soft microfiber material
  • Integrated headrest and padded armrests
  • Contoured Lumbar Support Promotes Healthy Posture
  • Well-placed foam padding provides an exceptional seating experience at the price

5. Serta Style Leighton Home Office Chair

Perhaps not what you expect when it comes to office chairs, this is the Serta Style Leighton Home Office Chair.

Since the chair is not ergonomic in terms of backrest and durability of everyday use, but rather a simpler and simpler piece of furniture, Serta has invested more in the materials used.

The chair has an elegant design and is compact, with memory foam on the seat as well as on the inside of the armrests for added comfort.

Serta Style Leighton Home Office Chair

It is not as small as the pictures show, the chair may not provide much support overall for tall people, but it works well for people of short or medium height.

If you prefer a firmer seat cushion than a soft one, unfortunately we have to warn you that this product is extremely soft and comfortable.

What we love about it

  • The chair is very soft and comfortable, but still stable enough that you don’t feel the wood and steel underneath
  • The perfect design for a more modern office and a variety of colors are sure to help
  • It is one of the most durable chairs Serta produces
  • It is not as small as it appears on the internet and would be ideal for someone of medium size and ideal for someone who is short

6. Best Serta Big and Tall Office Chair

Serta doesn’t have a lot of large and tall office chairs that are worth buying or even checking out. After a lot of searching, our team found what we thought impossible to find: a high quality large office chair from serta.

The Serta Big Tall leather office chair with Memory Foam is a rough diamond, to say the least, and we give it a thumbs up for those who need a little extra support.

The first thing that struck us about this chair was that it was one of the tallest and most affordable office chairs. Large and tall office chairs are usually priced high and large; This chair, however, fulfills our expectations reasonably well.

Best Serta Big and Tall Office Chair

It comes equipped with Memory Foam for comfort and support, plus it has an integrated headrest and lumbar support. Anyway, here are the most prominent features of this office chair:

  • Weight capacity up to 350 pounds
  • Equipped with soft and durable leather
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Padded armrests
  • Integrated headrest and lumbar support function

7. Serta Style Ashland Home Office Chair

Again, we have another filter that is different from your regular office chair. Serta’s Ashland style home office chair is very similar to the chair above.

The chair comes with a seat cushion (which we really like) filled with memory foam, which is also present in the armrests.

The design is simple again, yet futuristic at the same time, and if fabric chairs aren’t your thing, you can always opt for an updated leather version!

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this chair to taller people. The depth of the backrest and seat is less than before.

If you are the average person looking for an additional office chair that you won’t sit in for more than four hours straight, and you really care about looks, then this chair is perfect for you.

What is a good office chair?

A good office chair is above all ergonomic. This requirement implies an optimal level of comfort and a real ability to adapt to the morphology of its user. We talk about ergonomics when the chair is able to offer you a good position, seated in front of your desk. This position must be natural to prevent the risk of back pain and circulation disorders in the legs.

The different models that will be presented to you in this article perfectly meet these requirements because they follow the natural curves of human morphology. By offering optimal support to the lumbar and neck, these chairs ensure the integrity of your back to reduce pain already present and limit the occurrence of new ailments.

It is important to take an adjustable seat (70 cm-80 cm being, in general, the norm), a reclining backrest, and in some cases a removable backrest (if you are like me, you may be bothered by the headrests). I also recommend that you check that the armrests are removable and / or adjustable according to your needs.

The inclination of the backrest and seat, padding, armrests, textiles, all these elements guarantee the levels of comfort and ergonomics of an office chair. They, therefore, represent the main selection criteria that you must remember to work in optimal conditions and be even more efficient.

Take into account the frequency of use

The more time you spend in your office chair, the more quality and comfort you should expect. Indeed, working in a sitting position can cause many back problems. This is why ergonomics is a decisive choice criterion.

One-off use

For occasional use, that is to say, use of less than 4 non-consecutive hours per day, an office chair equipped with a conventional mechanism may be suitable. A fixed backrest and a height-adjustable seat to allow you to find a suitable and comfortable position are the essential requirements.

Note that this type of office chair is not suitable for prolonged use.

Daily use less than 7 hours per day

For this daily use, the best is to opt for a mechanism called “permanent contact”. This term means that the back of the chair follows your movements and remains in constant contact with your back. You have the option of blocking it in the position of your choice. Likewise, the restoring force of the backrest is adjustable for a perfect adaptation to your weight and your morphology. The seat, meanwhile, remains fixed

This type of model is ideal for everyday office activity.

Daily use for more than 7 hours per day

In this case, the adapted mechanism is said to be “synchronous”. This term qualifies office chairs ideally designed for daily use of more than 7 hours per day. Their backrest and seat tilt to offer you optimal comfort. As with the previous mechanism, you can adjust the return force of the backrest for a perfect match with your weight and your body type. To avoid impacts with the spine, these office chairs incorporate a non-return safety system.

Because they are the ones with the highest degree of ergonomics, these models are ideal for prolonged work in front of a computer screen. They are sometimes wrongly called “medical ergonomic office chair”

The different types of armrests

These elements guarantee optimal comfort for the arms and shoulders. During your research, you will discover several kinds of armrests.

The fixed offers, of course, support but cannot be adjusted. 1D armrests give you the flexibility to adjust their height while 2D armrests add depth adjustment. Even more ergonomic, the 3D armrests allow you to adjust their height, depth and width. Finally, the 4D armrests add, to all these settings, the adjustment of their orientation. These are the best equipped to offer you the highest level of comfort while seated, facing your desk.

Mistakes to Avoid

Buy a chair with cheap materials: Make sure the seat cushion is made of sturdy materials to prevent the seat from wearing out and crushing in a few months. Look for metal in a chair, especially the base, rather than a chair that has a lot of plastics.
Minimization of back support: For most people, the most frustrating aspect of office chairs in this price range is the lack of back support. If the chair cannot support your lower and upper back, you will surely end up with aches and pains before your workday is over. Be careful with chairs with small backs, with the lower back open instead of support.

Find the current best-selling ergonomic office chairs

This list is built in real-time, do not hesitate to come back to visit the page regularly to find the top tips in terms of good office chairs for the back.

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