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How To Make A Pool Vacuum Using A Garden Hose

garden hose pool vacuum

Pool vacuums are made to wash debris that settles at the bottom of a pool. Swimmers can carry dirt and dust to the pools through swimming periods. Children are also very likely to leave large debris in their inflatable kiddie pools while enjoying. Since industrial pool cleaners are costly, you can look at utilizing homemade pool cleaners. A backyard horse supplies the ideal choice to commercial pool vacuum cleaner . It’s a less costly choice to go for if a pool pump filter gets faulty.

How to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose


You will need the following in order to clean a pool using this technique.

Garden Horse: This Is a flexible tube made from soft rubber. Both ends of the tube are available And may be fitted to various apparatus for certain functions.

Vacuum Bag: A significant element of a vacuum cleaner, this tote serves the role of producing suction. It prevents debris from flowing in the pool throughout the cleaning procedure.

Telescoping Pool Pole: Pool owners concur a telescoping rod is essential in carrying manual cleanup at the pool. These poles come in different lengths depending on the size of the pool. Conventionally, it’s used in skimming water to catch floating debris. It can also be fitted into a brush on one side and utilized in cleaning the walls of a pool.

Plastic Funnel: The bigger dimensions of the intake vent in a backyard hose usually means you will have a substantial quantity of time covering a little surface area. Instead, cut on a 500 ml plastic jar at 45 degrees and attach it into the nozzle. It’ll serve the exact same function since the funnel.

Step 1:

Verify the backyard horse is of the ideal length. You’ll need to think about the dimensions of your swimming pool in picking the size of this garden hose. As an example, a tiny inflatable kiddie pool will not demand a very long garden hose because the base of the pool isn’t so far. But to get a permanent pool using both shallow and deep end, you’ll need to use a backyard horse using a fair length.

Step 2:

When the span was determined, connect one end of the garden hose into the vacuum bag. Make sure The vacuum bag is linked to the proper end of the backyard horse. Valve that fits the vacuum’s bypass. Vacuum cleaners are always fitted With a vacuum bag. For a great home-made pool cleaner, look at using a household vacuum components in the household cleaner.

Step 3:

For your next step, match the telescopic handle to the backyard horse. The rest of the end of the backyard horse might be fitted with handles openings which match the telescopic handle. If you experience difficulties in fitting the deal into the horse, then think about manually tying the end of the garden hose into the telescopic handle. This may be accomplished with a rope to tie a knot. Verify the rope is wash to prevent introducing dirt back in the pool.

pool vacuum using a garden hose

Step 4:

When the telescopic handle was fitted into the garden hose, then hold it securely and use it in order to decrease the vacuum to the pool. Make sure the handle touches the base of the pool to give a fantastic surface area to your backyard horse.

Step 5:

Scan through the floor of the pool paying keen attention to the dirtiest components. Repeat this process severally but slowly ensuring there is enough time to suck water through the garden hose pipe. Fine debris and dirt settling in the bottom of the pool is going to be squeezed to the garden horse on account of the very low pressure exerted from the vacuum bag. This might be explained scientifically. The suction creates a negative pressure inside the garden hose. The pressure from the pool is, thus, pushes and greater debris and water into the garden hose.

Step 6:

After exhaustively cleansing the floor of the poolgently eliminate your home made pool vacuum in the pool. This procedure needs to be carried out gradually and patiently to protect against stirring dirt from the water. This also explains the reason why the water flow system needs to be switched off to guarantee water at the pool remains. After eliminating the pool vacuum out of the water, then carefully untie the knot used to attach the garden hose into the telescopic handle. Eliminate the garden hose nozzle connected to the vacuum bag. Drain the debris bag and wash out the vacuum.

How a garden hose pool vacuum works

In demonstrating how a garden hose vacuum sucks in debris and dirt from the bottom of a pool, imagine drinking water from a bottle with a straw. Sucking into the straw creates a lower pressure than the surrounding atmospheric pressure thus pushing water into your mouth. A vacuum bag operates by creating negative pressure.

How to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose

An electric motor on the vacuum bag spins a fan that sucks in air exactly enjoy the mouth does to some straw. Employing a very long garden hose can help make sure the electrical motor and the vacuum bag are a significant distance away in the pool for security reasons. It’s worth noting that the suction capacity created by the pool vacuum is dependent upon the magnitude of the intake valve of this backyard horse. This usually means that a smaller intake valve creates a larger suction power. Before utilizing the pool vacuum, then make sure there are no air bubbles coming from this garden hose.


Swimming pools are among the greatest recreational amenities. Using a swimming pool in your garden might help to save the trip of seeing people pools throughout the summer. Besides building permanent pools, parents might consider buying inflatable kiddie pools to their children. Maintenance of swimming pools requires keen attention to detail and comprehensive commitment. A garden hose vacuum cleaner gives a ideal solution for eliminating fine debris located in the ground of your pool. Cleaning your swimming pool with this approach is cheap and effective.

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