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Best Ways to Clean Unfinished Wood Flooring

how to clean unfinished wooden floors

Engineered hardwood flooring have become a favorite option for many homeowners in the world only because they offer you a natural appearance and a warm setting in their houses. But as there’s absolutely no varnish coating to protect them from harm, cleaning them occasionally is a challenging endeavor.

As Soon as You Have Opted to select this Kind of flooring, Make Certain you understand The way to wash it safely and correctly. You know, powerful cleaners and Improper cleaning tools can ruin your bare hardwood flooring permanently.

Wow, it seems rather serious.

Do not worry, if you want To your flooring to look amazing and last long, keep reading this article To find out how to correctly clean unfinished hardwood flooring.

Remove Dust And Dirt Every Day It is Very Important

Eliminating Dirt and Dust Every Day is the Secret to Maintaining your Flooring Consistently clean. Such as the carpet, if you don’t clean up frequently, dirt will build up fast on the bare hardwood floor which may damage its appearance.

The Simplest way to eliminate dirt would be touse Dust and Tiny pieces of dirt onto your shoe’s Soles will migrate in your house, therefore let sweep the ground daily.

In the event you use a vacuum machine, then you have to be careful. Since Unfinished hardwood flooring are so vulnerable, so your vacuum cleaner must have a committed hardwood flooring setting. Otherwise, its own brush roll can lead to severe damage to a hardwood flooring.

Also, to fully remove dirt and dust, You May Also follow these manners:

techniques to remove dust

Use a microfiber fabric : Wiping your flooring gently using a soft fabric is among the easiest methods to eliminate dust. All you have to do is conduct the fabric along the timber surface to remove dirt. Be certain that you wash the fabric frequently during cleaning to prevent spreading debris around.

Clean your floor using a gentle brush: A gentle brush is a Fantastic tool wood. It’s also very soft, so You Don’t have to Be Worried about any harm It may cause to your flooring.

Deep Clean The Unfinished Wood Floor Must-Do

Clean your Floor with Trisodium Phosphate

Because unfinished hardwood flooring aren’t water resistant, it’s easily stained. That’s also the main reason you want to wash your flooring properly and frequently get rid of the stains.

To deal with these stains, allow pour a little bit of trisodium phosphate on the stained area and after that, use a soft brush to wash gently.

After the stain is removed, rinse the area wash with water. Following that, because the bare flooring is extremely absorbent, you want to dry that moist area with a fabric instantly. Try to absorb as much moisture as possible because standing water may cause the wood to warp and also destroy it.

Use Mineral Spirits

Clean your floor with mineral spirits

Utilizing mineral spirits is also a popular way to clean your unfinished Wood floor. Although mineral spirits do not damage your floor, they might harm you. So make sure when cleaning your home with mineral spirits, your room is breathable, and you should wear a gas mask for extra protection.

First, you need to prepare a sterile cloth and then use it To rub your flooring softly. Mineral spirits can clean up stubborn stains that other detergents cannot do. But again, the most important thing is that you have to remove all the dirt on the floor before attempting to wash it with whatever else.

As Soon as You have finished, make sure there are no excess mineral spirits Left behind on the ground. You can easily buy mineral spirits in the most Stores in an extremely reasonable price.

Clean Your Unfinished Wood Floors with Vinegar

Clean wood floors with vinegar

Vinegar is one of Those Safest and Natural cleansers Which we Urge It’s non-toxic, cheap, and easy to use. After cleansing with vinegar, then you also don’t have to wash with water since it dries quickly and leaves no residue like other powerful detergents.

  • Eliminate dust, soil, and some other objects from the ground. If You’re Able to easily move furniture out of the way, let’s this
  • Block Off the area so that pets or children don’t undergo the moist floor. Though vinegar is nontoxic, footprints may ruin the aesthetics of Your wash floor
  • Sweep or vacuum bare hardwood flooring to eliminate all dirt, little pieces of hair, gravel, etc. . them
  • Get a combination of vinegar and warm water in the ratio of one cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water
    drizzle the wash mop in the remedy, dry it and get started mopping the ground
  • Remember to wash your mop head frequently and modify the remedy if it begins to appear dirty.

The Verdict

And some study, but it is not hopeless. Should you make a mistake, then all isn’t lost. The attractiveness of unfinished wood is that it may continually be sanded down into its initial condition.

Daily cleaning is not complicated and does not require a slew of Preparation or unique tools.

When working with toxic chemicals, always consult with the Producer and follow instructions to the letter. If you are hesitant to execute the job yourself, then ask a specialist cleaning firm for rates.

Engineered hardwood flooring supply a pure elegance. They are a great

Have you got unfinished hardwood flooring in your property? How often do you wash them?

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