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How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet (Step-by-Step Guide)

How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet

In case you choose to have a tattoo, then you should probably take your artist’s information and keep the wrap in your freshly tattooed location. But from time to time, the wrapping can slide off. While this occurs, the remaining ink could land on the ground, staining your carpet. As most of us know, tattoo ink is irreversible. So how can you get it from your carpet?

To eliminate tattoo ink out of your carpeting, you are going to want to absorb some ink that is there immediately and then employ a few denatured alcohol. Pour the alcohol onto the ink stain and allow it to sit for approximately five minutes. Make sure that you don’t let it set for over 5 minutes, or it’ll ruin the backing of your carpeting. 

This article will provide you with several ways to get tattoo ink out of your carpet. However, keep in mind that the most critical step will be dabbing the ink as soon as it spills. Not catching it in time can result in a stain that you cannot remove, no matter the method used.

Removing Tattoo Ink From Your Carpet

Just like stains, your first plan of action would be to eliminate any excess ink that stays. Use a dry cloth to consume whatever ink has not been soaked to the fibers of the rug. An option is to use a paper towel. Paper towels may be more convenient, because you are able to discard immediately without shifting the blot onto another place.

When the surplus ink was soaked up, the next step is to pre-treat the remaining blot, using something which will split the bonds between the ink and the fibers of the carpet. An perfect product to use is denatured alcohol. Simply pour it on the stain and allow it to simmer for about 5 minutes.

Important Note: Do not leave it on for more than 5 minutes, or it could damage the latex carpet backing.


The benefit of OxiClean is the fact that it includes strong non-bleaching ingredients; thus, it may be used to remove stains and dirt out of almost anything in your house. It’s deemed safe for organic and synthetic fibers, in addition to white and colored rugs or carpets. OxiClean also contains other products that remove stains from grout, concrete, and tile. Thus, you understand OxiClean can package some power!

Always make sure you look at the directions on the face of the bucket prior to applying the stain remover, as your directions might slightly vary from ours.

  • Mix with water. For every 16 ounces of water, you will want one scoop of OxiClean to the ‘fill’ line. Make sure you’ve taken the time to clean up the extra ink before applying the product; otherwise, it won’t work as great.
  • Apply the product. Only use enough to saturate the stain and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Do not let the mixture dry on your carpet.
  • Wipe the stain. Take a cold, wet cloth and blot the area to remove the OxiClean.
  • Repeat. You’ll want to continue this process until the stain is no longer visible.

Resolve ProfessionalStrength

Resolve is among these tried-and-tested products that has stood the test of time. With minimal effort, it may dissolve and remove any stain from synthetic or natural fibers. While Resolve does not promise to be an organic solution, it is safe for children and pets so it may be utilized as a multipurpose home cleaner with assurance.

  1. Spray Resolve on the ink.
  2. Wipe the moisture. Take a paper towel and then dab on the area until it feels tender.
  3. Repeat steps 2 and 1. Continue repeating the preceding steps until the stain has completely vanished.

Method Stain Remover

The Method product range is composed of powerful cleaners which are 100% safe and natural for your loved ones, including your pets. Method Stain Remover, formulated to remove stains on clothes, can be exceptionally capable of removing the tattoo ink and other ink stains.

It breaks down stains eliminates them. Just a little bit of scrubbing is needed. The 1 drawback of this item is the fact that it functions less effectively on artificial fibers compared to normal ones. You’d put on the Method stain remover in exactly the exact same manner you do , and stick to exactly the very same measures.


Unusual as it might look, hairspray is quite beneficial for removing the tattoo along with other inks. It is particularly helpful for ballpoint pen stains. But don’t use hairspray for ink stains within your dryer.

  1. Spray a generous Quantity of hairspray. You are going to want to locate firm-hold hair spray and vacant around 1/4 to 1/2 of the can on the blot. Ensure that you’re doing so at a well-ventilated location. In about ten minutes, the hairspray must have detached the ink in the carpet fibers. The blot should have begun dissolving at this stage. The moment the stain starts to dissolve, you’ll have to begin blotting using a folded paper towel. As you’re going to be enticed to wash the blot, this isn’t recommended as it is a surefire method to spread the ink further in your carpeting.
  2. Allow the carpet dry. This will prevent its bonding into a carpet’s fibers, that may occur, particularly if it’s artificial.

Baking soda

If Maintaining harsh Substances from Your own house and adhering to organic products is the priority, so you can try using baking soda instead. Its effectiveness depends to some degree on the kind of ink that you would like to eliminate as well as the fibers of the rug, however, within an ink-spill crisis, it is fantastic to know this is an alternative.

It’s also very important to use diet Ginger ale here since regular soda will create your carpet backing Well, regular Soda will loosen the backing of your carpeting and also make it tacky.

  1. Pour warm water onto the blot. You are going to want to dilute the stain with water and soak up the extra liquid working with a towel.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda on the Website. The baking soda should sit for a minimum of two minutes. You will still wish to dab the extra liquid. After the ink was dissolved, and you also soaked up All of the surplus, give the Website a final pruning with tepid water. Be Sure to remove any surplus Moisture and wash it as best as possible. This will help prevent any Odor problems.

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How does vinegar remove ink from the carpet?

Vinegar can remove ink in the carpeting, but it isn't the ideal method compare to others within this report. If the ink stain is clean, you will have a simpler time using peppermint. When it's older, you're going to want to use something different.

What is the best ink remover?

Using rubbing alcohol, hair spray, or hand sanitizer works great! However, if you need something more powerful, it’s a good idea to purchase a commercial stain remover from the store.

In Summary

When tattoo ink strikes your carpeting, it is going to need to install immediately. That is the reason you have to eliminate the extra ink once you observe the blot. Your very best alternative for eliminating the stain would be denatured alcohol. But, there are numerous different techniques you may utilize.

Never forget to test an inconspicuous place in your carpeting before going full force with almost any cleaning product, regardless of what it is. This way you can get rid of the stain without running the danger of damaging your carpet even greater than it already is.

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